Kickboxing for parent and child

ARJ Training introduces a new concept; ARJEETJE. This concept is for the little ones from 3 to 11 years old, accompanied by mum or dad. ARJEETJE is specially designed to encourage parent and child to exercise and improve coordination, agility and balance of the child.

ARJEETJE consists of 10 lessons of 45 minutes in which parent and child are introduced to the principles of moving in a playful way supported by exercises from boxing and kickboxing. Having fun while exercising is our focus in the meantime your child improves his / her motor skills, coordination, agility and balance.

Participation in ARJEETJE costs 100 euros for a 10 lesson course (these are the costs for parent and child). It is important that a parent or guardian guides this. That is why we also ask that you leave siblings at home and give 45 minutes ‘quality time’ to your participating child.

Come and experience this fun and educational concept with your child! CU @ ARJEETJE

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