The right balance between work and health starts with As a company you are also at the right place at ARJ Trainingen. A good team building training helps the team work better, faster and more efficient. But also, from an active health policy, many companies opt for collective sports. Do you also want to follow an intensive kickboxing clinic with colleagues, or do you work out with each other? Contact ARJ Trainingen without obligation to see what the possibilities are before and after office hours.

Here are some of the possibilities that we offer companies. Do you have a special request? No problem we can provide an offer catered to your specific needs. Contact us without any obligations.



Are you looking for a creative and challenging team building training? We organize, catered to your wants and needs, a team building training in which we reflect on the goals of the team and ensure an unforgettable afternoon.

During our teambuilding kickboxing clinic, we guarantee:

  • Strengthen team spirit
  • Fun
  • Challenge
  • Finding one’s limits
  • Teamwork


The right balance between work and health starts with business training. At ARJ Trainingen we have a special timeslot for companies, our After-Work Workout. Of course, you as a company can follow your own private training as a team or as a company.

Proven positive consequences of company training:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Better working atmosphere
  • Stress reduction
  • Higher motivation

Testimonial: Wodan Brothers is the market leader in user-friendly online staff planning software for every industry. Wodan Brothers have had a company subscription at ARJ Trainingen for a long time. Read why they choose ARJ Trainingen.

Suit Training – Get ready for business

New and exclusive for the business market. Start your working day fit, fresh and sharp with other managers and Get ready for business!

Suit Training guarantees:

  • An effective workout
  • More energy
  • More focus
  • Become stronger and fitter
  • A healthy lifestyle

Maandag, woensdag en vrijdag van 07.00 – 08.00 uur


Personal Training

Would you rather not train in a group? Then a  personal training or small group training is suitable for you. Your wishes are central during our personal training. Together with the trainer you prepare a customized training plan.

We guarantee:


  • A result-oriented workout
  • Focus on your personal goals
  • Fun while exercising
  • You feel stronger and fitter
  • Physical and mental relaxation