House Rules

At ARJ Trainingen we consider our gym as an extension of our house. It is cozy and everyone is welcome. Like in every house there are rules, these are not only related to us, but are also there to make you feel welcome.


General rules

  • At the gym everyone communicates in Dutch
  • No swear words are used
  • Verbal or physical violence is not tolerated
  • Respect for each other and each other’s belongings
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Undesired and desired intimacies are not permitted
  • Do not enter the training mat with shoes
  • No food and / or drink on the training mat
  • Training with your own training equipment is mandatory
  • Leave sports bags in the designated space



  • Take care of your own personal hygiene
  • Trainging is only allowed in suitable sportswear
  • Sleeveless shirts are not allowed during the MMA lessons
  • It is not permitted to train with bare torso in any training
  • The use of slippers is mandatory
  • The use of a towel is mandatory



  • Handle all material of ARJ trainingen with care
  • In the event of damage or loss, the costs will be recovered from the one who caused it
  • If the house rules are not followed, ARJ training is authorized to refuse someone, temporarily or permanently, access to the gym.
  • ARJ training is not liable for loss, theft and / or physical injury in and around the gym
  • If necessary, a violation of the house rules is reported to the police.