Here you can find the options we have to offer schools. Do you have a special request? No problem we provide a suitable offer, contact us without obligation.


School days and sports days

ARJ Training has experience in giving courses on school days and sports days. We will discuss with you the components that you want to do and will on the day provide an unforgettable event for all participants. We always use kickboxing elements during our courses.



Rock and Water program

Based on the philosophy of ARJ Training, we have specialized in giving various forms of the well-known Rock and Water program. The Rock and Water program can be considered as a resilience program and a highly effective anti-bullying program.

The program distinguishes itself from other programs by its multiple objective and the broader pedagogical perspective, in which the resilience training goes hand in hand with the development of social skills.

Action (games, games and simple forms of self-defense) is alternated by moments of self-reflection and circle discussions. Resilience and solidarity, rock and water, are presented and trained in balance. Rock and Water consists of a program that aims to improve self-control, self-reflection, self-confidence, communication and social skills.

In addition, the prevention of violence, learning to make their own choices and going their own way are important themes.

We at ARJ Training can develop various themes from the Rock and Water principle to guide your group and make them familiar with these didactics. You will see that the behavior of the children will change.

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