Terms and conditions

Article 1: GENERAL

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to the formation, content and performance of all agreements concluded between the ARJ Training School and the member and form an integral part of this.
1.2 Sports school ARJ Trainingen is a private company that provides physical training and mental-physical training such as aggression and resilience training to increase the physical and mental fitness and resilience of the member.
1.3 A member of ARJ Trainingen is a person who has entered into a membership agreement with ARJ Trainingen.
1.4 A party is an authority, institute or company that has entered into a membership agreement for a group of people.
1.5 ARJ Trainingen sports school is closed on public holidays, you cannot make up for lessons that have lapsed as a result.
1.6 An applicant is a person or representative of a party.


2.1 The membership is requested by means of. the applicant’s complete and truthful completion and signing of the registration form of ARJ Training Schools. This registration form is available at the desk and a digital version is available via the website arjtrainingen.nl.
2.2 Sports school ARJ Trainingen reserves the right to reject applications without stating reasons, as a result of which membership is not established.
2.3 The membership is personal or partisan, transferable to another person or to another party is not possible.
2.4 Every member of Sportschool ARJ Trainingen undertakes, if personal details are changed, to provide Sportschool ARJ Trainingen with correct and recent personal details within ten days after the change has taken place. This information includes the following:

  • Name and birth details (place and date of birth)
  • Address data
  • Contact details (telephone and e-mail address)
  • Bank details (for the purpose of collecting the contribution)


3.1 Membership is entered into for a duration of one, three, six or 12 months from the commencement date, which is tacitly converted into an indefinite-term membership without written cancellation and can then be canceled monthly.
3.2 The agreed membership period starts on the first of the following month. For the time between the date of registration and the first of the following month, a pro rata amount is due, which is paid by the member at registration.
3.3 Termination of membership to Sportschool ARJ Trainingen must take place in writing or by e-mail. Oral cancellations are not accepted.
3.4 Termination of membership to Sportschool ARJ Trainingen must have taken place at the latest one full calendar month before the expiry date of the agreed period. If the member has not canceled on time, the agreement will be extended by the relevant period and the member will remain liable for payment.
3.5 The decision to (prematurely) terminate, stop or extend a certain contract period and whether or not to grant exemption or refund of payment in special cases is taken by Sportschool ARJ Trainingen and is binding on the member.
3.6 In special cases, interim suspension with an extension of the duration of the agreement can take place or termination of the subscription, whereby this suspension or termination is notified in writing to the member administration and the final decision lies with the membership administration for approval and where termination / termination is only possible is per entire calendar month and in the following cases: Based on personal physical circumstances, which must be supported by a medical statement. Based on work or studies that are taking place abroad, which must be supported by an employer’s statement. During the shutdown the member is liable for payment; the period that the member has not been able to train is credited on the first day that the member comes to train again. In the event of early termination of a subscription of 6 or more months, the customer reimburses the difference of the original subscription and the costs of the actually purchased months. (only under certain conditions)
3.7 Premature cancellation (before the expiry of the agreed subscription term) is only possible when moving more than 15 kilometers outside the location of Sportschool ARJ Trainingen, measured via the shortest route, provided written proof of this is provided. Premature cancellation of membership is only possible with due observance of a cancellation period of one full calendar month.


4.1 The rates and other financial matters of Sportschool ARJ Trainingen are listed on the website and can be viewed at the counter of Sportschool ARJ Trainingen.
4.2 The latest version of the price list is always valid.
4.3 The subscription fee is agreed in advance and collected by direct debit.
4.4 Any price increases are adequately announced by Sportschool ARJ Trainingen 2 weeks in advance.
4.5 If a price increase takes place, the member has the right to terminate the agreement within 4 weeks after the announcement.
4.6 The possibility of dissolution from paragraph 4.5 does not apply to price adjustments based on the price index figure for household consumption, nor to price adjustments that follow directly from the law, such as those regarding VAT. If this price increase takes place within 3 months after the conclusion of the agreement, there is a right to dissolution as referred to in paragraph 4.5.

Article 5: PAYMENT

5.1 Payment of all that the member owes to Sportschool ARJ Trainingen must be made in advance; either in cash, or by transfer to the account of Sportschool ARJ Trainingen or by direct debit, or an equivalent transaction, unless otherwise agreed in writing between Sportschool ARJ Trainingen and the member.
5.2 Payment must be made without discount, recourse to compensation or otherwise and, if applicable, within the payment period set by Sportschool ARJ Trainingen.
5.3 If the member makes use of the possibility offered by Sportschool ARJ Trainingen, under conditions to be specified in the registration form, to pay the amounts owed in advance to Sportschool ARJ Trainingen, this must be done by means of the issue by the member to Sportschool ARJ Trainingen of an authorization, for the duration of the agreed period, to have the agreed installment amount debited from the bank or giro account of the member, which guarantees to have sufficient balance in the account for this debit will persist.

5.4 Automatic payments are always made per prepayment in the week before the first of the month to which the contribution applies. If the member signs up for automatic payment, the member pays the first payment term in cash upon registration.
5.5 If automatic transfer due to cancellation or payment does not take place, the member must, at the first request of ARJ Trainingen, immediately settle the amount of the debit. If it appears that automatic transfer is canceled twice in succession or the arrears in payments are not cleared immediately, Sportschool ARJ Trainingen is entitled, without further default or summons, to the member the total amount owed by the member under the agreement, directly and in one go, plus costs. If the member does not comply with any payment obligation imposed on him by ARJ Trainingen, ARJ Trainingen is entitled to deny the member access to its institution and facilities on the basis of this single failure until full payment, if applicable, plus (if applicable) extrajudicial collection costs and interest has taken place. The member remains liable for payment. For each outstanding amount, the member owes the ARJ Trainingen legal delay interest, a part of a month to be charged for a whole, until full payment has been made. If the ARJ Trainingen sports school hands over a claim on the member to third parties for collection, the member is required to pay a full reimbursement of both extrajudicial and legal costs in addition to the amount owed and the interest thereon.
5.6 The contribution must in principle be paid by direct debit. If you do not want to pay automatically, it is possible to fully pay the full contribution in advance. There is no refund for prepayment in any form.
5.7 The registration fee is € 15.00 (including administration costs)..


6.1 As soon as membership and payment are a fact, the member has the right to make use of the facilities that Sportschool ARJ Trainingen offers within the agreed framework.
6.2 There are conditions attached to it that are laid down in the housekeeping and order rules (house rules) of Sportschool ARJ Trainingen, of which the member declares to have taken cognizance and which forms part of these conditions. These house rules can be viewed on the website.
6.3 For behavior of persons by or on behalf of the member present at Sportschool ARJ Trainingen, the member is personally liable.
6.4 Sports school ARJ Trainingen reserves the right to change the content of the house rules if it deems this necessary or desirable. The latest version of the regulations applies to the member. Changing the regulations does not entitle the member to terminate the agreement prematurely.
6.5 Any act, omission and / or behavior of the member and / or third parties present at Sportschool ARJ Trainingen, in violation of one or more provisions of these regulations, entitles Sportschool ARJ Trainingen with immediate effect to the agreement with the member to be regarded as dissolved and to deny the member access to its institution and facilities, without this leading to a refund of the amounts paid for the member.
6.6 By signing the registration form the member declares to have taken note of the regulations, to accept the provisions without reserve and to behave according to their content.

Article 7: LIABILITY

7.1 Sportschool ARJ Trainingen excludes any liability for damage suffered by the member under the terms of the agreement and / or direct cohesion thereof, unless that damage was caused by gross negligence or intent during Sportschool ARJ Trainingen.
7.2 The member indemnifies Sportschool ARJ Trainingen against any claim in respect of suffered and / or suffered damage, direct, indirect, material or immaterial. Any damage compensation will be limited to the amount that the insurer of Sportschool ARJ Trainingen pays in this regard and the member expressly renounces everything else or more.


8.1 Dutch law applies to this agreement.
8.2 The personal data of the members are strictly confidential and are used solely and exclusively for administrative purposes of Sportschool ARJ Trainingen. This data is never made available to third parties for commercial purposes.

Household and order regulations (house rules) ARJ Training:

General rules

  • • At the gym everyone communicates in Dutch
  • No swear words are used
  • Verbal or physical violence is not tolerated
  • Respect for each other and each other’s goods
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Unwanted and desired intimacies are not permitted
  • Do not enter the training mat with shoes
  • No food and / or drink on the training mat
  • Training with your own training equipment is mandatory (participants in the kickboxing lessons are required to participate in these lessons in an ARJ outfit)
  • Leave sports bags in the designated space


  • Take care of your own personal hygiene
  • There is training in suitable sportswear
  • Sleeveless shirts are not allowed during the MMA lessons
  • It is not permitted to train with bare torso in any training
  • The use of slippers is mandatory
  • The use of a towel is mandatory


  • Handle the material of ARJ training with care
  • In the event of damage or loss, the costs will be recovered from the perpetrator
  • If the house rules are not followed, ARJ training courses are authorized to refuse someone, temporarily or permanently, access to the gym
  • ARJ training is not liable for loss, theft and / or physical injury in and around the gym
  • If necessary, a violation of the house rules is reported to the police