Personal Training


I am Clemens Hoogendoorn and I am 27 years old.

In my daily life I work in the operating rooms of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). In addition to my work, I am a big fan of kickboxing and I regularly go to kickboxing gala or watch it on TV. Since I wanted to improve my fitness, fitness and strength and wanted to master this beautiful sport, I decided to go kickboxing.

I finally registered with ARJ Trainingen after I received a positive response from a friend about this gym. When I went to take a look, it all looked professional. It is a gym that treats its members seriously and enthusiastically and is enthusiastic in helping you achieve your goals. It is a gym where you can go as a beginner or advanced, young or old. This really appealed to me.

I wanted to work on my personal goals. My goals were: improving my fitness, fitness and strength, but certainly also getting the hang of the sport itself. Thanks to ARJ’s wide range of different types of training, you can decide for yourself which lesson you take or what you want to improve yourself in. I noticed that especially the pocket training and the kickboxing lesson did me very well. The pocket training gives me the opportunity to work on my fitness and strength. These trainings can sometimes be quite tough in terms of perseverance. I think this is good, because I am trying to push my own limits. With the kickboxing lesson I get the sport under that knee. This is about technology and sparring. In addition, it strengthens my stamina. You can learn a lot from the trainer and the advanced members with whom you do the exercises together. This helps you improve and further develop yourself.

I myself have chosen to also follow private training, so that I can work on my goals even more individually and receive extra personal attention. Hereby I can discuss with my trainer what I want to achieve and what I want to work on. I have noticed that through all these training sessions I am getting better at kickboxing and I am getting more condition and strength. I notice this not only during the lessons, but also in my daily life. I feel fitter and it gives me more confidence.

The atmosphere at ARJ Trainingen is always very good. The lessons are given in a fun way. There is respect and there is laughter, but at the same time there is hard and serious training. The trainers are very helpful and always want you to get the most out of yourself. Every time I walk out of the gym, I feel good and satisfied. This also motivates me to keep doing this beautiful sport.

Pocket Training / Nothing is impossible

Mariska now trains for 1 month at ARJ Trainingen. After a tough start, she has found the strength to continue. And with results. Read her story below.

Introduce yourself?
My name is Mariska, I am 47 summers, I come from Utrecht and I moved to The Hague in September 2018.

How did you end up at ARJ Trainingen?
I don’t like the (normal) gym, and I heard about punching bag training. I just started searching on google and found ARJ Training. I started taking a trial lesson and immediately became a member.

What is your target?
My goal was and is to get my health back (slow-acting thyroid gland). For that I need to get more fitness, get stronger and well two clothing sizes are shrinking ……. I build it up slowly and hope to have achieved my goal next year. Correction …….. I am going to reach my goal. With your help of course.

What was your first impression?
I enjoyed the lesson very much but at the same time it was very heavy (actually too heavy for me). I also find the atmosphere at ARJ Trainingen very relaxed. Everyone treats each other with respect.

Although you found the training (too) heavy, you continued to train.
Haha yes, I actually wanted to run right away …….. I sent you an email that I wanted to stop, because I thought it was too heavy. To which I received personal e-mail with an explanation that this is part of it in the beginning. I have decided to continue. I just received the encouragement I needed and that has given me a new mindset!

I am very happy with this decision. And I’m happy with you.

Do you already notice changes in yourself?
Yes, first of all I have stopped smoking for 2 weeks now. And this while I have been smoking since I was 13 years old. Smoking and training from ARJ Traingen do not go hand in hand. I like the training so much that I finally found a stick to stop. I also notice that my condition has already improved slightly. I also have more energy to carry out my work. My concentration has also improved.

Would you recommend ARJ to others?
Yes, I would advise anyone who wants to become a healthier and stronger version of themselves to train with you.

Kids Defence en Get in Shape

Get in shape We are the Moetjes, Liesbeth (37) en Rick (8). I am an interior architect and the mother of 2 kids. Rick is a tough guy and is in Group 5A at Balance in The Hague.

How did we end up at ARJ? Actually funny story because since 3 years I have been running but boredom struck a bit after my half marathon was in my name and was looking for a new challenge … friends of ours were already sporting here with the kids so Rick went along sometime .

In the beginning I was not very enthusiastic because I thought it would be aggressive. But actually I corrected that image for myself because

wauwww discipline, perseverance, condition, technique is combined in every lesson with nice people from the field. Now I look at his lessons and he is waiting for me. Really nice to build something together and to be enthusiastic about our body and boxing.

What appeals to me at ARJ: It is a fun kickboxing school where knowledge is combined with real workouts. In addition, everyone is super nice, we have fun and generate a challenge! I love it?

My favorite lesson: Difficult … because I like a lot but I think for the total body workout a combination of endurance sport and techniques.

What I still want to say: That everyone should give it a try. It is so much more than the name sec releases. In addition, I also like the idea of ​​defense / resilience, especially with kids today. And for the women among us … I’ve been doing this for 3 months and my muscles have grown and I’m tighter than ever before, it pays off. I’m definitely going for a six-pack next summer? you too?


Business subscription

Wodan Brothers is the market leader in user-friendly online staff scheduling software for every industry.

Since a few months we have had a company subscription with ARJ Trainingen. I have to admit that I had some doubts at the beginning. Isn’t boxing a bit too aggressive with colleagues? What if one colleague turns a blind eye to another and they can drink each other’s blood the next day? Isn’t there a huge testosterone air in the gym?

All doubts are now gone. The ARJ training sessions are good for the team spirit. Almost everyone in our company participates, including the women. It is wonderful to get away from it all after a hard day’s work. Where traditional fitness is great, ARJ provides fun, varied and personal training. This makes it much easier to maintain. The instructors are passionate professionals who know how to challenge us to give the maximum. Everyone notices the difference in condition, especially the colleagues who do not participate in sports.

I can recommend any company to offer a company subscription to ARJ. In our company, it is by far the best secondary employment condition.

Thomas van den Ende

CFO at Wodan Brothers


Team building companies

BMW Nederland visited ARJ Training in the context of team building and health policy. A sporty, intensive clinic was followed as a group.
“Such a team building helps to work together better, faster and more efficiently in terms of content. In addition, it is also great fun to train together,” says Thomas Duste of BMW. “In addition, a number of colleagues decided to continue following the lessons, a nice side effect! We opted for ARJ Training because the training here is of a very high level and is very professionally implemented. That fits in well with our own brand values.”

Resistance training

Introduce yourself ..

I am Saskia, 41 years old and I have been training at ARJ from the beginning. That is now about 3 years.

How did you end up at ARJ?

Saskia Resistance Training That is a long story. I started Thai boxing 8 years ago and I immediately loved the sport. The techniques, the discipline, the workout, everything. Unfortunately I got a chronic shoulder injury. For years I walked all kinds of doctors but they all said that I could never again have Thai boxing. I didn’t want to believe that, I am that stubborn. Together with a physiotherapist who treats many professional fighters, I slowly started training my shoulder again.

At the gym where I did, Mike taught in the room next door. I went there to look for fun and then it started to itch that I started training with him. It was super heavy because I had done nothing for so long and I now weighed almost 95 kilos. Bit by bit I got back to my feet again. And when Mike started ARJ, I moved with it. I will never be able to train at the level before my injury, it is still going on with ups and downs but I am proud of where I am now. And I also lost 13 kilos!

What appeals to you at ARJ?

I have trained at many different Thai boxing schools. The nice thing about ARJ is that you come across all kinds of people and that it is a very open atmosphere. Whether you are young, old, competitive, recreational or just want to lose weight: everyone is open to each other and is never too bad to help you. Respect is such a buzzword nowadays but at ARJ I really feel it. I am sometimes the only woman among all young guests, but I never feel uncomfortable.

And that has been different at other Thai boxing schools. At ARJ it is about training at your own level and daring to go that one step further every time. And all trainers do their best to achieve that together with you, every training again.

What is your favorite lesson?

Resistance of course! That remains the best. Nice combinations practice on each other and thereby work on your cardio. But circuit training is also fun. Actually, it does not matter that: Resistance training as soon as you walk into ARJ you know that a good training awaits you and that you will start sweating anyway.

What else would you like to say to the readers?

Hahaha I’m done talking dude! I come here to train, not to chat. Oh, maybe one more thing: I can imagine that there are many ladies who would like to start Thai boxing but find it scary to just enter such a school. I am often there on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. so come along sometime and I will gladly help you!